Sunday, January 4, 2009

Trying to thaw

It's 2 degrees and trying to melt outside. We had another foot of snow yesterday, but it fell light and was easy to move. This morning, it is trying to melt, and some of it will, but we're expecting another 20cms this afternoon and evening.

Even when I lived in Ontario, in Ottawa, and Peterborough and Toronto, I can't remember a winter when we had so many major snowfalls so close together. This is how it comes on the west coast - in huge quantities. When there is a less present Arctic airflow, it rains, but this year so far, the warm air has eluded us and it has almost all fallen as snow.

The rain is coming though, later this week. But that all depends on where you are. Down here, 170 feet above sealevel we should get a melt starting. Only a little higher than us though it will continue to snow in large amounts throughout the week. It could be ANOTHER foot or so for higher elevations.

I won't be around to see it however, as I'm off to California for work and then Hawaii for a vacation, and not a moment too soon. See you in three weeks.

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