Friday, February 13, 2009

A springish walk

Finn and I went for a walk down to the Cove this afternnon, turning over rocks at Mother's Beach finding crabs and gunnels. There were oystercatchers in the Bay, along with the regular flocks of mew gulls and Canada Geese and mallards. On Killarney Creek beneath ther Miller Road bridge there was a weird hybrid or escaped domestic duck. Didn't have my camera.

In the forest the ferns are all flat and emerging from the heavy snow that has squashed them for the past six weeks. The forest looks very strange - usually an undulating floor of hummocked fern piles, it's now all smooth and flat, and ready to green up for spring. Everything still seems to be wating though


  1. I am noticing that the island seems unusually dry. Usually at this time of year we are getting week after week of drenching rains. I like the sun, but...

  2. Yup...not much rainfall so far this winter. And not much in the offing as well. Two weeks of fog and a few showers since the snowy season, but I trust the rains will return in time for spring, and the good snowpack has no doubt recharged the aquifers. So dry on the surface, but I'm guessing adequately hydrated in the ground.