Friday, October 30, 2009

Soccer finals in the teeth of a Pineapple Express

Today is the final of the inaugural season of the Bowen Island Co-ed Soccer League.  Caitlin and I are on Team Red, and we'll be taking on Team White tonight, a team we have yet to beat.  The final starts at 5:15 on the new artificial turf field.  We expect it to be raining and windy...perfect conditions!

It has been chilly the past coule of days and rain too, but today the weather has warmed up significantly and the rain is resting.  This has all the signs of a pineapple express building, perhaps our first autumn wind storm.  We'll see how it progresses.  It will be a wet Hallowe'en.

Update: we won 5-4 against our rivals, winning after being down 4-2.  The rain held off long enough to get the game in, and the skies opened up as we left the pitch.

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