Monday, November 9, 2009

First autumn storm

The first serious windstorm of the season hit last night, with winds gusting to 70km/h coming howling out of the southeast.  They built in steadily over the night, becoming strongest at about 5am and then the rain started, deluging everything.  This morning, taking a late morning ferry into town, the Sound was choppy with swells and whitecaps and full of logs that had been lifted by this week's 15 foot high tides and scattered hither and yon by the wind.

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  1. Huh -- funny how that works. We live - what - 1km away from you, but you live on the slope facing the ocean, and we in a little dip just around the mountain a bit. Last night there were some quick gusts and some trees knocking at the house, but a few nights ago the wind was so crazy I filled the bathtub in preparation for the power going out. It didn't. Seems that storm was only at my house. :-)