Friday, April 9, 2010

Only on Bowen: Coffee couriers

Jennifer reminds us that your friendly neighbourhood drop box comes with some obligation.

The way it works is this: several "public" places, like The Snug or the General Store act as informal courier centres where people leave things for other people. The Snug has always been the go to place for these kinds of items - borrowed books, videos, notes. I've even picked up a check there. One year the Bowfest committee just left checks for all the musicians who played in a box at The Snug and we all waltzed in a picked them up.

It's a cool thing, a generous offering from the business owners and damn handy from time to time.

And, as the posters in the above thread note, it is polite to at least buy a coffee when dropping of or picking up an item. Small price to pay for a convenient service such as this.

Another Only on Bowen moment.

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