Friday, December 31, 2010

A new year's blessing

From our own poet of the woods, LIsa Shatzky:

Had we one more day 

it would not be stuffing envelopes 
to save the world, 
citing love as our reason 
for feasting on romanticized 
atrocities in the nightly news 
(which are still atrocities, cold 
and ordinary, come morning) 
and believing 
that if we analyzed and dissected 
our suffering long and hard 
enough and set up camps 
in stations of the lost 
and joined the victims 
and survivors and born 
again wounded, 
some kind of healing 
would happen. 

Oh, perhaps some good came of all that 
learning and unlearning the languages 
of sorrow which hung heavy 
around our necks and cut 
deeply in our lips, 
but had we one more day 
I imagine we might have 
chosen instead the laughing 
geese above us and their gawking 
at the melodramas 
we made. 

Under the cedars we might have 
lingered, graced by slowness 
of breath and the utter importance 
of the hummingbird 
and petals from delicate 
flowers falling 
with the fragile forgiveness 
of the seasons 
and the godliness of laughter 
and the tenacity of the beating heart 
carrying on without needing 
to know why. 

As remarkable as finding ourselves 
awake, at last, trembling 
and seeing each other 
for the first time. 

lisa shatzky (published in The New Quarterly, 2010, and Simple Praise,2009) 

Happy New Year Bowen Islanders, you irrascible, joyous, generous, garrolous, irritating, humourous, faithful, caring, bunch of humans.

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