Thursday, February 17, 2011

The ornery swan is no more

On a morning where wintry has taken one last swipe at the coast with snow at 600 meters on the mountains, news comes that the swan who has lived at the Lagoon for 14 years has died from a dog attack.

That mute swan has attacked three members of my own family and so I had a mixed relationship with that bird. It was always based on wary mutual respect.

But now he is gone and the title of the most feared predator on Bowen can now pass to the hybrid wolf-dog currently patrolling the golf course. Once he is gone we will finally have a normal landscape again, where humans do most of the damage.

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  1. I witnessed the swan attacking a little toddler and his grandmother yelling for help. I rushed down the path to the little beach to help the little boy who was crying in fear. When I stepped between the child and the swan, the swan attacked me so hard, that I fell down. I kicked the swan back to the water and was not happy about the episode. The swan got more agressive and dominated the lagoon area.
    I saw more often when he rushed towards little children. Also he attacked and chased ducks, geese and the rest of the waterbirds.
    Now those birds are able to come back to build nests again and children can
    enjoy the beautiful lagoon and beach area.