Saturday, March 5, 2011

A third option on the park debate

Here's what I have learned so far in considering all the information I've heard about the park.

I have learned that I can live with both futures. One that has a park and one that doesn't. I am not afraid of either option. I am not swayed by emotional pleas for and against. I have heard good cases for both futures and I have heard plenty of nonsense too.

So I am strongly considering the possibility of NOT voting on this non-binding referendum. It doesn't make sense fir me to say one future is better than the other when I can honestly live happily with both. Plus such a stance - positive and FOR whatever happens means I don't feel at all victimized or pilloried for being a naysayer on any count.

Whatever the result friends, you can count on me to continue to do what I can to make this place a lovely place to be.

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