Monday, May 9, 2011

First BowFeast in a Box meal

This year we signed up as one of ten families piloting a community shared agriculture initiative here on Bowen Island.  Tonight our first box arrived with asparagus, chives, rhubarb, rosemary and tender baby salad greens.  Here's what I made.


Rotini with roasted asparagus, fiddleheads and chive pesto

Prepared the asparagus by drizzling with olive oil and placing under the broiler for ten minutes, then tossing with salt and pepper.  Fiddleheads were picked yesterday, washed and thrown in with the pasta to cook in the pasta pot.  The chive pesto followed this made up recipe:

Two cups of chopped Bowen chives

two garlic cloves

a quarter cup of chopped Fraser Valley hazelnuts

three quarters of a cup of olive oil

a quarter cup parmesan cheese

Throw it all in the blender and hit it for a minute.

For salad we had the Ruddy Garden tender baby greens tossed with a vineagrette I made using yet more of the local stuff:

A quarter cup white wine vineager

Three quarters of a cup of olive oil

1 Tbs mustard

1Tbs honey

Sea salt and pepper

3 Tbs Bowen chives

1 tsp Bowen rosemary

Same deal.  Chuck it in the blender and hit "play."

Eaten gratefully out of a bowl crafted on Bowen by Catherine Epps with juice out of a Vonigo mug made by Sue Ritchie.  


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