Sunday, December 28, 2014

Messing around on the island

I've been getting to spend some quality time at home on Bowen recently, which has been nice, and now that Caitlin's walking parts have recovered from an injury, we are able to wander together in forest.  We are especially happy walking in the dark of late afternoon.  Here are a few shots of Bowen at that time of day:

Half moon over the dead trees at Killarney Lake

Killarney Lake after sunset yesterday
And today, with Caitlin off on her annual New Year's retreat, Finn and I went exploring some of the bike trails of Radar Hill on the south west side of the island:

Finn checking out a huge drop on a bike trail in the forest below the radar station

The Canadian Coast Guard radar station on Radar Hill.  There are also microwave towers up there as well as a water treatment plant and a quarry.   
The view from Radar Hill looking west over the Strait of Georgia

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