Sunday, February 9, 2003

Ah me. Complaining that Penny isn't blogging enough, and now here I am, a whole week later, challenged right back by her to write.

The truth is, there is something interesting to write about. We are on course for the dryest February on record. Although this comes with a bunch of attendant issues, such as stressful impacts on wildlife and flora, it works out okay for humans who don't like the rain. As I write, we are sitting under a huge pregnant high pressure bubble which is bringing sunshine and fog in equal parts to the coast and deflecting Arctic air down over the rest of the country. There is no wind to speak of so the air sits on top of us, condensing every night into frost and lifting off the ground during the day to form huge fog banks, which today are actually low clouds.

There is no rain in the offing. They say that El Nino is dissapating, and that it wasn't as strong this year as it was in 1997, but the winter has been a delight anyway.

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