Monday, February 17, 2003

Another beautiful weekend has come and gone. The weather is unreal, warm and relatively dry, although now the clouds are rolling in and last night we had rain.

Yesterday was a day of meeting bloggers. It began early in the morning with Cody Clark, from Houston Texas, who was on Bowen on holiday and who, through a remarkable series of coincidences explained in HIS blog, ended up meeting with me.

Then the family headed down to Cpae Roger Curtis for a walk, but not without inviting Penny along, so she grabbed her two big dogs and we sloshed through mud and stream to picnic at the lighthouse.

And on the way down there, who should we run into but Richard Smith, out with his kids and dogs. He even took a bunch of pictures yesterday of the lighthouse and the point. Meeting on the trail, we both agreed that this was a "bloggable" moment. So we've both blogged it!

The collision of online identities with real people. And they are all just as interesting in real life as their writing makes them out to be.

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