Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Fred has early season run ins with deer. This should provide an entertaining read over the summer as he tries vainly to keep them from his corn.

As i mentioned on his blog, we gave up on the deer. We don't even pretend to be amazed when they eat the latest deer proof crop. In fact, as the Victoria Day weekend wound down I got in a little gardening time, and, among other things, here is what we are growing this year:

  • Rock Daphne (mmmmm!...and expensive too!)

  • Several varieties of lavender

  • Osteospermum daisies in purple, yellow, orange and cream

  • Curry plant

  • Lemon balm, rosemary, oregano and thyme

  • Mallow (the only plant ringed with wire mesh)

  • foxgloves

  • sweetgrass

  • Swan river daisy

All of those survived last year without deer chompage. This year I have dug up a bunch of foxgloves growing wild around here and have planted them along the border of our daisy bed. I think we'll get a decent flower show this summer and hopefully the deer will be satisfied munching salal.

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