Thursday, May 29, 2003

Our municipal council recently went through a strategic planning process and produced this document which outlines their vision of Bowen and the work they have before them.

What I really like about this document is the vision statement, which describes how council wants our Island community to be viewed by the world. So here it is:

Bowen Island Municipality is a model of sustainability balancing the vironmental, social and economic needs of the community.

Council sees Bowen Island as a small, caring island with a strong sense of community. The citizens of Bowen Island are a diverse demographic mix, engaged in and committed to respecting community views and to preserving our heritage. Bowen Islanders are committed to volunteering. There is strong support for economic diversity which allows people to live on Bowen Island from the "cradle to grave".

Municipal Council and staff are committed to providing timely, friendly, and efficient service delivery. We are approachable, accountable and encourage public involvement in decision making.

The citizens of Bowen Island value their green infrastructure and are committed to preserving their watersheds and green spaces. Council supports regulations and bylaws that encourage compliance and are easy to understand. Green building standards are encouraged to be the norm.

I can buy into that.

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