Saturday, June 28, 2003

Hot here now. The morning soundscape is changing, as it does around this time of the early summer. The robins aren't nearly as vocal as they have been, and just this morning the cicadas started buzzing.

I was riding on the 6:35 ferry yesterday morning, sitting on the upper deck in the open air with some friends. We seemed to be crawling out of Snug Cove. Turning to investigate, we saw why the ferry was moving so slow. there were five tugboats crisscrossing the Queen Charlotte Channel in front of us. Three were towing barges full of woodchips, one had a barge with propane tanks on it and one was towing a big log bom.

We started laughing at the prospect of telling our employers in town about the early morning traffic congestion. It's a whole different kind of commute.

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