Friday, August 8, 2003

Catch it while you can! CBC recently did a special show on the artists and musicians of Bowen Island and you can listen to it here. I'm not on this program, but I am on a new CD of music recorded by a bunch of Bowen Island musicians. The idea was to write a tune, stick it in a hat and pass it around between about eight bands. I got a tune by Teun Schutt and Wayne Kozak, who are brilliant jazz musicians. I am not a jazz musician, although I have a jazz ear. But the keys on my flute don't lend themselves to harmelodic exploration.

Undaunted, I enlisted my good friend Chris Coon, a brilliant drummer and a refugee from the San Francisco punk scene of the 1970s and early 80s (he lived with Jello Biafra for a year...although the memory is hazy). We recorded the tune as a flute and drums duet with a wonky off kilter solo in the middle. I then pulled in my friend Randy Vic and we recorded a straight ahead Irish slow reel that I wrote for our friend Paul Hawtin.

The Bowen Island music exchange project CD will be out in time for BowFest on Auguist 23rd. We're playing there, so come on down and hear the results.

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