Monday, August 11, 2003

Days of peace and light here on Bowen. Mark blogs the Dog Days events and the Men's League Fastball Tournament, Michael Herman (now a summer resident) blogs some Open Space Technology work we cooked up, and adds some strange pictures of what looks like me getting my head shaved, but is in fact Michael playing with Photoshop.

Avner Haramati, from Jerusalem, was here with his family for a few days and we just had the best time together. We kicked off his visit with a talk at Ashoka House, Jim and Anne Ironside's place. Avner spoke about his work in Israel facilitating dialogue and Open Space between Palestinians and Israelis. We then enjoyed a community Kabbalah Shabbat and capped it off last night with a third potluck in the field at Collins Farm followed by late night swimming in the most intense phosphorescence I've ever seen at Tunstall Bay. The glow was so bright that when I swam under water the light around my eyelids was so bright that I couldn't see anything else. It was unbelievable.

Two years ago, Avner asked me what it was like to live here. Caitlin was trying to tell him her version of the answer. She mentioned that hardly anyone seems to get angry here. "Really? asked Avner. "Well," she said, "someone got angry last month over the new ferry marshalling. It was in the paper."

Avner was incredulous. "Someone gets angry and it makes the newspaper." He slapped his brow. "What kind of place is this?"

I think he had a good time. Same goes for his wife and daughters, who were a treat to have on the island. I can't quite put into words how lucky I feel we are to be living here, eating flowers at potlucks, and swimming in light.

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