Tuesday, January 6, 2004

It's snowing heavily again today, all kinds of different snow. We are expecting 30cms or so and perhaps some freezing rain after that. It may be a very nasty couple of days until we get a thaw.

Last night, just before the storm clouds built into the Sound, I stepped out into the night to relish it. It was calm and clear and the fullish moon lit everything up. There is lots of snow already underfoot, crunchy and dry after having all the moisture sapped out of it by a few days of -10 at night.

Now the roads are covered again and the trees are starting to wear a dusting. This snow is much dryer now than the last one so it isn't sticking. It's easier to move with a broom.

It feels funny writing about snow. When I was a kid in Ontario of course it snowed every winter, and I never thought much about it. I always loved it when it snowed, but it never completely absorbed me like it does now. I can spend hours peering out my window at the grey light and the grey sea watching flakes drift to the earth.

Emily, at Stinky Cat, posted some memories of being a kid on Bowen when it snowed. Lovely reflections.

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