Friday, November 25, 2005

Fog over greater Vancouver

Farewell to the fog
Shot of fog over Greater Vancouver yesterday, on my way to Prince Rupert

The fog has gone, getting so dense I suppose that it just precipitated into rain and fell out of the sky. It was lovely while it lasted, and photographers all over Bowen Island are thanking the gods for some of the shots they got.

We now turn to more mundane pursuits, although today I stumbled across my friend David Cameron's account of chasing a rat out of his house.

Screamin like a little girl...

That was me yesterday when the rat I was trying to vacuum up from behind my stove decided to leap into my face.

The central vacuum we have usually does the trick. Even the big ones don't get stuck in the hose. This one though is a vicious beast and even my big tabby is keeping his distance. He used to be a great ratter. He would munch up a couple a day but now he just brings them home alive and releases them for entertainment.

I set my rat trap last night-the one that can break your finger if you're not careful-and baited it with a gob of peanut butter. I adjusted the release mechanism so that if you breathed on it, it would snap. And in the morning every bit of the peanut butter was gone and the trap was not sprung. Should we not be training these creatures to defuse bombs or perform micro surgery?

What follows in the thread at Bowen Online is neither for the faint of heart nor the weak of stomach. But it is among some of the funniest writing I have ever read on the subject of sharing space with unwanted rodents. We islanders are not a sentimental lot when it comes to rats, but we do know how to entertain ourselves.

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