Friday, November 4, 2005

Two pieces of news that are important to place.

First, the salmon are running at the Causeway. With a great fall storm in progress, the fish have started coming into the Lagoon, so go down and watch them struggle on the long and hard journey of all of 30 yards to the gravel bar! These are not the greatest example of the mighty BC salmon - a little precious when set beside their Stuart River cousins - but they are ours and we love them nonetheless.

And also, the Salish Sea Community Atlas was launched last week on Saltspring Island. The author and artist who drew our map, Kathy Dunster, is hosting a launch of the Atlas on Bowen at The Gallery on November 18.

Go have a look at this book and buy one for the coffee table and one for the Christmas tree. These are stunning maps, representing the communities of the Salish Sea and capturing our essential islandness and what makes us tick, ever so slowly, as groups of people living on rocks that are swept twice a day by the tides of the Southern Strait of Georgia.

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