Monday, December 5, 2005

Toboganning on Cates Hill

It has been snowing a fair amount this week. Unusual for Bowen Island, to get snow so low down in November, but Bruce Steele says it's going to be a long winter, and who am I to argue with Bruce?

Finn and I climbed up Cates Hill today, through the new subdivision, up to the top where Tir na nOg Theatre School is. There is a new field up there and it's great for toboganning. He and I slid for an hour or so and then we did something really daring and stupid...we slid all the way down the road all the way back to the Cove. The road wasn't completely slick, so we kept a nice controlled speed, but we nevertheless had a great luge down the whole half mile or so, stopping at the bottom for coffee and grilled cheese and soup at The Village Baker.

following that, we boogied over to Phoenix Photo, our island toy store, and Finn tried to get all the tops in the shop spinning at once while I chatted with Alison and sipped some tea.

It was a great islandy, father and son Canadian snow day.

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