Friday, December 16, 2005

Tunstall Bay, Bowen Island, Canada

A quick update on this incredible weather we are having.

in November, the local weather station here recorded 91 mm of rain which is a virtual drought for this time of year. Most years we get that in a day. The weather has been clear and cold, with heavy frosts at night.

Last night was exceptional. It's a full moon and very near solstice, and I had to come back on the water taxi. The moon is directly overhead and the tide is exceptionally low around midnight. The gantry from the government dock down to the float was so steep, I had to literally walk down it like you'd walk down a ladder. Once on the water I rode outside on the Cormorant and the view was incredible. The moon shone down from Taurus, the Big Dipper, standing on its handle, rested on top of the Brunswick Range to the north east, Mars shone well above us to the south, and the snowfields and glaciers at the head of Howe Sound glimmered in the moonlight. It was bright and calm and cold on the water, and outstandingly beautiful all round.

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