Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The salmonberries are loaded with blossoms and the huckleberries look loaded as well. It appears as if a good berry spring is in the offing, similar to last year's. Last year the thimble berries didn't fare as well, so we'll keep an eye on them.

With this new life springing out, comes news of the death of Gordie Begg, the appliance man. As only a small community can, he is being remembered with lovely stories of his service, kindness and humour at Bowen Online. Gord was all that and more. The flag at the Cenotaph is at half-mast as he was an active Legion member and volunteer fire fighter. But he was mostly a big warm guy who, as some have said, did well with dogs and small children watching him work. My kids always peppered him with questions when he came by to fix our stuff and he let them hang out with him and watch and never shooed them away or said an unkind word. That is a lovely legacy to leave in the world.


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