Monday, April 3, 2006

Yes has been quiet around here. But the only reason I haven't written about Bowen is that I haven't really been here.

In fact, since I hit the road for an extended series of engagements around March 14, there has been a major change in the Cove. The Oven Door Bakery burned to the ground, nearly taking Docs and The Boss with it. In fact, if it hadn't been for the firewall between the buildings, there would have been a five alarm block fire in the village.

The cause of the fire was electrical but more information isn't going to help the community salve the loss of this institution. It was one of the oldest businesses on the island, having run 25 years and was the de facto labour hall around here too, where folks met in the early morning to get set for a day of building, logging, hauling and chucking. It seemed like the place was populated in the morning by folks who did the good work of lifting, hammering, binding and cutting, while those of us who talk, type, manage and write for a living get our morning joe at The Snug.

But it was more than that...long time islanders had a religious loyalty to the bread and baked goods there, and the place boasted a few specialties like the world famous Bowen Bar, and the pizza slices, which were soul food.

All that is left of the bustling little business is a hole in the ground half filled with glass and charred wood. It'll be missed.

And in other news, tonight I sang for Council. Seems that these days our local council begins its regular meetings with a song from an island artist. This week it was my turn and I offered a song about Cape Roger Curtis and the challenge of leading in uncertain times. It was a funny room to play, with folks who were there to hear about council's three year strategic plan politely applauding before turning their attention to "the real business at hand"

But, cyncisim aside, I'm going to stick to my feeling that this kind of thing is actually important. In a room covered with gant charts, binders of assessment information, power point presentations and maps, admitting a moment or two of poetry and melody into the proceedings can have no bad impact, and hopefully our warbling at the beginning of these proceedings can at least have the effect of reminding folks about the deep connections we all have to the beauty and spirit of this place, before they channel their passions into receiving the transportation committe report and approving the Snug Cove plan implementation process.

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