Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bowen Island Undercurrent - Long-time Bowen family moves to Coal Harbour and beyond

My friends Brad and Julie Ovenell-Carter are leaving the island. They have been here for 22 years involved in all kinds of things from running the local middle school to comiling anthologies of Bowen writing to bread baking to running a restaurant to Brad wailing away on his bodhran at our regular Irish music sessions. There was a nice article in the Undercurrent about them: Long-time Bowen family moves to Coal Harbour and beyond.

There are some people who leave and who don't make a difference in their leaving, and there are others who leave a hole in our collective heart when they fly away.

We're going to miss these guys alot.


  1. I don't know, Chris ... I'm not too worried about losing touch. These two tweet, post, and blog more than anyone I know (maybe even more than you!).

  2. Yeah true...but online presence only makes one yearn for real life presence .

  3. Some people keep you looking back over your shoulder as you drive away. Gonna miss you, Chris. But the way you travel, we'll like meet up in Estonia!