Monday, March 29, 2010

Dolphins and hurricanes

For some odd reason Pacific white-sided dolphins have invaded Howe Sound.

Last week on the water taxi to Granville Island in the late afternoon out of the blue we were surrounded by dozens of dolphins.  We could see them maybe 100 meters off our port side and then all of a sudden they were all around us swimming alongside the boat.  We stuck our heads out the windows and were right there, looking them in the eye as they swam at speed beside us.  Off in the distance there were several more groups of dolphins, each with dozens of individuals.  It looked like there was at least 100.

A few days later, Caitlin phoned the Vancouver Aquarium and they said they had been receiving reports of dolphins, but they hadn't seen them yet and they were clueless about why so many had showed up altogether at once.  It's a mystery, which is par for the course when it comes to the sea.

Returning from town on Saturday we saw three more far off towards Passage Island, and Caitlin spotted another pair in the wake of a boat.  If you are travelling around the mouth of Howe Sound, keep an eye out for them.

* * *

Tonight and last night we've been deluged with rain and wind.  There is a series of low pressure systems and cold fronts crossing the coast bringing highly variable and at times violent weather.  The wind at our house gusted to at least 60 km/h and probably more.  There was rain being driven through our window panes which usually indicates wind speeds approaching 80.  Not so much debris on the road this morning, but it was an alarming night last night.  Rain continues tonight and one more cold front is due to come through before our late taste of winter passes.

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