Friday, December 11, 2015


Things that will not change if you complain about them:
  • The weather.
  • Falling Trees
  • The ferry schedule and its daily implementation..
  • The colour of the tap water
  • The price of firewood in December
  • Ferry line up jumpers
  • Tourists

Things that might get better if you complain about them to the right people:
  • A power outage
  • BC Ferries service
  • A cross walk design
  • Speeding
  • The temperature of your soup.

Things that will get worse if you complain about them:
  • Your neighbours
  • Snug Cove plans
  • The quality of discourse on the Forum 
  • Anything happening at the Cape 
  • A server who has busted her butt to heat up your soup during a power outage because you are late for the ferry that's running way off schedule due to the weather.

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