Wednesday, December 9, 2015

What a newcomer learns in 90 days

We're working on a whimsical yet practical guide to being a newcomer on Bowen Island.  Islanders are whimsical yet practical people, after all.  In doing some research about what newcomers want to know, we've been posting questions from time to time on one of the better read Bowen Island facebook pages.  

Today one of our new neighbours made a list of what she has learned.  It's really good:

1. It's not a case of "if" the power goes, it's "how long" the power will be out.
2. Flashlights and candles are invaluable commodoties
3. Don't get embarrassingly drunk at The Pub because EVERYONE will know . . .unless everyone else is drunk, then drink up.
4. If #3 happens, Glen and Meredith have your back
5. Everyone knows who Glen and Meredith are
6. Everyone knows who you are, where you live and what you plan to do next Tuesday
7. The mainland is officially known as "town"
8. You can walk into Knick Knack Nook with $5 and walk out with a massive bag of stuff
9. Directions rarely include road names and mainly revolved around "you know the red chicken coop past ___'s farm? Turn left there"
10. Everybody has chickens
11. You suddenly have the urge to own chickens
12. You don't know the first thing about chickens
13. Burger Night. 'Nuff said.
14. Hitchhiking is a legitimate form of transportation
15. When someone asks for your help, they actually need it and don't plan to mug you
16. Never trust BC Ferries sailing times. Ever.
17. The speed limit is actually 30 km/ hr . Respect it.
18. Driving around the North Shore is simply too hectic for you
19. Driving in downtown Vancouver gives you a panic attack
20. If you do venture off to 'town', you want to get back to your cozy little island ASAP and return to the life of a hermit.
Nice.  There was widespread consensus that she has "become one of us."  Burger Nights at the pub will do that for a person.  Especially the way she experiences them.

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