Thursday, November 15, 2001

No damage from the wind last night. Power stayed on and trees stayed up, so everything survived. There was a big swell at sea today, made all the more rolling by the narrower hull on the Bowen Queen.

Parents left today, and I travelled with them into Vancouver. We had a nice visit, seeing a little of the Island, whetting their appetite for more. They had a nice stay at the Lodge At the Old Dorm, which is the old Union Steamship Company staff dorm. renovated and converted into a great B&B - very much a labour of love for Dan, the proprieter. It's a lovely place, and he has a nice touch.

Ferry overloaded so we wandered somewhat aimlessly around the Cove for an hour mostly trying to stretch out my dad's back which had spasmed after he fell on some wet stairs.

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