Thursday, November 15, 2001

There is a term for the kind of storm that is raging outside the house right now. Here on the coast it is known as a "Pineapple Express." These kinds of storms deliver strong south-easterly winds and heavy, heavy rains right to the front of the house. Water literally cascades off the roof. Yesterday we had 100 millimetres of rain projected, which is 10cms. Which is the equivalent of one metre of snow, should it have precipitated that way. Luckily, the Pineapple Express at this time of year is also accompanied by mild air temperatures, and despite the heavy rains, there is no snow on the mountains.

The Chinook love this weather. They are all massing at the bottom of the fish ladder on Kilarney Creek and valiantly leaping into the waterfall. It's punishing to watch them try to get up there. The smart ones are heading for the ladder where they jump in discreet leaps up the gentle grade to the calm water above.

My parents have been here visiting for the week, which has been great. They complained about my Bowen Island journal not being updated frequently enough, so I've converted it to a web log which is much easier to post to and maintain.

Chaos at the ferry these days. The Queen of Capilano, which is our regular ferry went in for her annual refit and was replaced by the much older Bowen Queen which holds 15 fewer cars and is a lot more cramped upstairs. Combined with a berth closure at Horseshoe Bay for regular maintenance, and you have the makings of half hour delays, frequent overloads and the odd irate islander. It makes for a wonderful chance to practice patience...

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