Friday, November 16, 2001

Summer returned, so it seems today. One advantage of the heavy wind is that it tends to clear the clouds out pretty quickly, and that's what has happened. Now the sun is sinking in a mid-fall early afternoon kind of way closing what was a really warm day. I had to go into town early this morning to get one of my eyes looked at and came back on the sparsely populated 10:10am ferry. It was just beautiful on the water. Warm, with a light breeze. As I walked back across The Causeway at the foot of The Lagoon, there were Chinook and Chum making their way up the fish ladder, the Chinook flshing red and green and the Chum all mottled grey and white.

Now the water looks slack out in the Queen Charlotte Strait. No more wind. Douglas-fir needles piled up like snow on the side of the road. Hopefully the weather will hold until Sunday when the Leonid meteor showers are on.

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