Monday, March 3, 2003

On a walk today:

A small wren darting amongst the bamboo next to my back deck.

A flicker on a snag drumming so hard that the ground was shaking beneath my feet.

The first butterfly of the year, small and orange.

Floatplanes crisscrossing the sound, carving up the air with their buzzsaw whines, tilting over the mountains, hugging the ramparts across the channel.

Crocuses and snap dragons in full bloom, radiant purples and whites.

A white cherry from an old orchard sproting wild blossoms in the alder grove near the Cove.

One young bald eagle circling over the house, riding the gentle thermals.

Everything is on the air today, rich blue air, resting over the island with a hint of fresh cold in it but enough substance to carry the heat of the sun.

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