Thursday, March 13, 2003

Twenty four hours of strong winds and heavy rain. Finally a winter storm.

I was in Whitehorse last week and returned in the middle of our firsta nd probably only, snowfall of the year. An inch or so of wet wihte stuff that got quickly transformed into a snoman by the kids before getting washed away on Monday. Tuesday, the air warmed up a lot and the cloud descended into Howe Sound, sticking in layers to the mountains and generally casting grey light everywhere. Yesterday, with the approach of a super low to the north of us, the winds picked up and the rain started and we have been living through a pineapple express until just now, when it looks like things are calming down. At one point today, when the wind was near it's strongest, the clouds started breaking up a little and patches of sunlight when scudding up the Sound, flashing bright silver.

The crocuses have fallen over, and one daffodil somehow managed to flower in all the wind and rain. The little underfed rhododendron bush at the bottom of last year's new bed burst into flower two days ago and has been sitting there gasping ever since. Seems once we had the little wee cold snap, everything got into spring mode really quick.

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