Monday, March 31, 2003

We have ataxi service on Bowen Island, consisting of a van and a Surburban that shunts people across the island. Only time I use it is when I arrive home on the midnight water taxi, too tired to walk the mile home in the dark. Five dollars gets me a lift up the hill.

The other day Caitlin and the kids were stranded in the Cove without the car. As they climbed into the taxi, they were greeted by a little dog. Turns out the dog had just come off the ferry and had been delivered by its owner to the cab driver. The owner needed to return to the continent so she got back on the ferry and left orders to deliver the dog to its home up at Hood Point, at the northernmost tip of Bowen.

So Caitlin, Finn, Aine and the dog made for the most unlikely of cab passangers, motoring along Miller Road on a Thursday afternoon.

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