Thursday, October 2, 2003

Just out for a walk with fellow Bowen blogger John Dumbrille, downing coffee at La Mangerie and walking his dog through the meadow. John and his partner Michelle were recently the subjects of a television program on Zen Buddhism.

I don't know what it is about Bowen, but we seem to have our fair share of Buddhist practice communities, including regular sittings in the Vipassna and Dzogchen traditions. There are also a number of martial arts offered here, including Wu Shu, Taoist Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do and Karate. My whole family is taking Tae Kwon Do right now, and I'm due to sign up soon. The teacher, Master Kook says "the family that kicks together sticks together."

Why an island community of 3500 should be home to so many Asian disciplines is a mystery to me, but I like it.

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