Sunday, October 19, 2003

Wait a minute...the sun's out.

For the first time in five days I can stick my head outside and not hear something trickling. The sea is flat out in the channel and there are large trees floating in it, still with branches on. Howe Sound will be full of douglas-firs that have fallen into the water from the eroding mountainsides, or travelled down the Squamish River and its tributaries in what are ominously called "debris torrent flows." And it's warm out: 15 degrees at the moment..

The low around which the jetsream has been bending, has moved north and landed in Alaska, depriving it of any more energy and robbing its ability to suck water out of the central Pacific Ocean and drop it on my house. There is still rain in the forecast, but it looks like it will be normal rain: showers, steady drizzle maybe. Nothing you can catch in 15 minutes in a coffee mug and drink.

There is another system approaching the coast but this one looks like it will actually keep moving. Temperatures are forecast to stay warm until the jet stream dips south and the Arctic air starts to flow in later in the fall. Right now, it's nice just to feel the sun, and remember what "dry" means.

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