Sunday, October 19, 2003

This is a graph of the total rainfall we receive on this part of the island. You can see that our average preciptiation for October is 200mm, which we did in the first 30 hours of this storm. Our average annual preciptiation is about 1880 mm, of which we have done about 16% since Thursday. I've run out of ways to describe this rainstorm. Now I'm talking like an accountant.

It's now being called a century storm, reflecting the fact that these kinds of events only happen once in a hundred years in these parts. There is serious flooding at the north end of Howe Sound, in Squamish, Whislter and Pemberton, and that's a worry for folks up there. We're fine here, perched on a hillside with our house on piles embedded in the bedrock. We have Niagara Falls running in the rock cut below the house, and under the woodpile. So we're okay, but spare a thought for the folks up the highway a little.

Thankfully the storm seems to have an end in sight although it's still a couple of days away. The rain is more sporadic and there have been more extended periods without rain yesterday and today. I'll leave you with this graphic for now, which shows the system as it has been streaming over us since Wednseday night. It's as if Hawaii is a tap and someone left it running. You can see the band of precipitation literally streaming towards us.

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