Thursday, October 9, 2003

We're in the lee of the first Pineapple Express of the season. Yesterday morning, the rain, which had been falling all night suddenly starting falling horizontally in sheets and the wind picked up. The waves in the channel were pretty big, coming right at us, indicating strong southeasterlies. Trees bending and shedding needles and branches. We've had the fireplace up and running for a couple of days now, taking the dampness out of the air. (So has Fred by the way).

Autumn has taken hold on Bowen. The rain storm has drowned the last crickets, and I've heard Barred Owls the last couple of nights, scooping up rats and mice in the long grass in front of the house. A change has come, a tilt of some kind, that has brought new weather and washed the colour out of the landscape.

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